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Tamseel Khan - Passionpreneur And Digital Coach

Are you thinking of monetising your creative skills or turning your hobby into a paying business?  

Yes, it’s the right time to build an online handmade business in the comfort of your own home and sell your handmade with love products. 


We all know that starting a business is not a cakewalk. Still, to earn money, one needs to go through lots of learning, experimentation, implementation, and repetition that sometimes leads to confusion or information overload. And that’s not all; if you get stuck and unable to get the desired results, you feel all the efforts are wasted. 

In such a situation, either you turn to family or friends to seek advice. Since they have no experience running the handmade business and are not aware of the right solution, they end up giving an irrelevant solution. And many times, instead of helping, they start judging you. 


This makes you more confused. You do not know whom to approach for help and advice. In another instance, when you approach a friend who has a similar business. So, instead of getting help, you will see her fearing for the business and misleads you. This is the introduction of the new paradigm of competition within your own circle. 


Despite all these constraints that have made you feel terrible and created a situation where you have started doubting your winning idea, you still need a solution. It would be best if you had a push to start and a process to follow, rather than scour the internet to search for a possible solution and being overwhelmed by the information overload.

So basically, you want someone who has already gone through this process and know where you can get stuck. Someone who knows the creative business well and has the credibility to guide you through the process efficiently.

Being in this business for a long time, I have learnt many aspects hands-on, giving me an edge to help fellow creatives in the right direction (know more about me). I will help you with the process that includes starting an online business to scaling up effectively. I will take you through the marketing and sales conversion, strategic business growth, and next-level planning and processes. I will help you build a strong personal brand and multiple income streams and help you run your creative business automagically.

I love helping creative entrepreneurs reach and engage their ideal customers.

So, before you inquire about my starter program, membership or paid programs, I’d love for you to check out the 45 minutes masterclass that gives you the 3 secrets of a successful creative business (if you’ve not already attended the masterclass). It will give you a feel for my style and methods and help you determine if we’d be a good fit. 

I’m honoured that you chose me. I am super happy to work with you and excited to help you build the business of your dreams.

3 Secrets To Convert Your Passion Into A Profitable Business.

Exclusive Free 45 Minutes Master Class.

Tamseel Khan - Passionpreneur And Digital Coach

The Community - Passionpreneurs World

Passionpreneurs World is my favourite way to work with creatives, and it’s the only way to work with me one-on-one. This community boasts hundreds of members; we meet with purpose every week in our Inner Circle calls and work together for the solutions. Once you become a member, inside, I offer access to my private community of creative people, lifetime access to courses and archives to help you reach, connect with, and sell to more potential customers, along with business-boosting gamification.

As a creative entrepreneur well-versed in selling physical and digital products, I never stop learning about my business, which means I’m constantly eager to share new and useful information.

Passionpreneurs World is an investment in education, career growth, and lifetime support of a strong creative community that I wish every creative will make and get the maximum benefits. I work hard for the passionpreneurs because I want them to sail through the processes and get the much-deserved validations from family, friends and customers in the form of better sales at desired price points. Passionpreneurs actually mean the learnings and implement in their businesses and regularly show me the results to prove it!


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