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Designer  Costume Designer / Stylist

Handcrafter Creator of Fabric Based Home Decore Products

Business Coach Digital Coach who helps Creative Entrepreneurs to Start and Scale-Up their Businesses.

Plus Over 2 Decades of Experience

Tamseel Khan - Passionpreneur And Digital Coach
Tamseel Khan - Passionpreneur And Digital Coach

A Designer By Heart & A Marketer By Choice

My Story

I am a mother of two beautiful teens and a blessed wife. I am a passionpreneur, a designer, a creator, an online marketing strategist, a growth hacker and a coach with over two decades of experience in creativity and business. I have a blend of right and left brains that wonderfully balances designing and online business marketing skills.

My passion for designing started at the early age of 12 yrs, and so did my love for numbers. To satiate my first love and hone my sense of design, I joined NIFT after graduating in Business Administration. That allowed me to follow my passion more seriously and confidence to take design as something more than a hobby.

While learning fashion design, I also learned the business world’s complexities, especially marketing and analytics, while working in the corporate world for about a decade. Alongside, I continue doing freelance design assignments that kept my designing skills rooted in the world of creativity.

On the Ramp - Movie
Image Credits - Movie - On The Ramp, Producer - R Movie Kraft Productions, Director - Imran Khalid, Costume Designer - Tamseel Khan

Then came the beautiful responsibility of nurturing a young family. That’s when I took a break from my full-time corporate job and took up work from home designing assignments. The thrust and parry of balancing my creativity with business eventually brought me to build my clothing and home furnishing label ‘Rebirth’. Did many home-based exhibitions and moved slowly towards fulfilling my goals. I was learning every day something new.

I got a chance to design costumes for a Video Album way back in 2009, which I thoroughly enjoyed and decided to take up Costume Designing actively as an alternative career. I started working as a costume designer in Bollywood movies. I independently headed many movie projects with my team, from the look of each celebrity design, ideation to execution and designing costumes to complete styling. I learned how costume designers work there. It taught me how to understand the director’s thought process and perform execution accordingly. Understood the basics of camera, background colours, effective budgeting, and a glamourous look while using minimal resources.​

Learnt the harsh truths of the so-called glamour industry in a very crude way. Made many mistakes and failed, then tried again and kept repeating the process to figure out the correct way to understand the nitty-gritty of the Creative Industry.

Started from 10+ years in the Corporate world to build a fashion label ‘Rebirth’, managed an online clothing store, designed many fabric-based handmade home furnishing items, to designing and styling in movies in Bollywood as a Costume Designer. My journey is an example of self-learning and trial and error methods, which took a long time to achieve the desired results.

Simultaneously, I continued working in the digital marketing space to learn from various internationally recognised certifications and get first-hand experience working in digital marketing startups for overall holistic development and rich experience.

My Handmade Creations

In 2020, I started a blog, Fad & Fables, to help creative people looking for various questions and resources. I was writing about the tricks and tips from my experiences as a creative and a marketer. This small step gave me immense pleasure and happiness and motivated me to do more for fellow creatives. But later did I realised that creative people are way underrated and have not paid to their potential. That’s when I progressed with an idea to create an ecosystem that can completely emphasise the requirements of creative entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow and scale in the business space with much clarity, confidence and the right approach (not the trial and error). I started working towards the self-set mission to empower fellow creatives with the right business skill-set, concepts, tools and step by step process. Help them run the business on autopilot to live a life of abundance and freedom. I wanted to impart the knowledge gained over these years and help designers, makers and artists to take up a straight path to success without diverting or being struck by many shiny objects along the journey to monetise their passions into successful businesses.

Finally, I founded Passionpreneurs World – An Online Community to help creative enthusiasts to grow their passion into a profit-making business by using a step-by-step approach, expert guidance and support through an online digital ecosystem!

Let’s all join hands and make this community worthwhile for the creatives to earn name, fame and money.

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